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, tax reform, deficit reduction, alternative energy. and as alicia said, many of them not only were central in the campaign and people voted for the president, some of them that were not central in the campaign when polled, americans seem to be going that way. are we seeing the second term the president obama bring in more of progressive policies than we've seen in a long time? >> i think he thinks he has a mandate and certainly the progressive message did very well on election day. i do think immigration is one area where republicans are very nervous and they would do very well to kind of step up and start working on comprehensive reform. otherwise they're going to have a lot more elections like this one, where they are just getting throttled on that issue in the latino community. but also as we talk about the budget's going to be addressed, obama care now is not going to be on the table like it was last time around. and a lot more wiggle room on issues like, you know, climate change and jobs and stuff like that for the the president to maneuver. >> alicia, what do you feel is the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)